What are the factors that affect web hosting uptime?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by nice2cu, November 27, 2015.

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    I think web hosting uptime is one of the main criterion people usually look for in a web hosting service. Even though 99.9% uptime is the industry standard, but it rarely happens. It is interesting to know the factors that affect the uptime of a server.

    I think hardware plays a major role in maintaining the uptime. It can largely affect speed, stability, reliability and overall performance of a server. A high capacity infrastructure can ensure a high uptime and minimize downtime. Another important factor affecting the uptime is the software being used. A well written code ensures better uptime and regular updations rule out any bugs.

    The number of clients trying to access a particular website also influence uptime. A DoS (denial of service) attack can contribute to downtime of a server.

    I think these are the main factors that contribute to the downtime/uptime of a server. Any additions are welcome.
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    No one cannot say the uptime will be 99.9% received because most hosts will go down for some reasons including attacks. There are several things that can go downtime even from the customers who hosts with them.

    If anyone wants 99% uptime, then buy a server for you and host on it, never rely on any hosting companies.

    All companies comes with good hardware, like we have our own personal computers. It all depends when we met strangers causes down time.

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