Some tips to increase Google Adsense revenue.

Discussion in 'Google SEO' started by nice2cu, December 14, 2015.

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    Have you ever thought of any tips to increase Google Adsense revenue for you? I think there is no difference of opinion on Google Adsense's top most position in online advertising. But it is a common complaint that the pay rates are very low in Adsense, but the best in the industry. Some simple tips can greatly help you boost your Adsense income.

    - Keep an eye on the CPC column. Higher the CPC, better will be the click rate on ads. To find profitable words take help of tools like SEMRUSH
    - Positioning of the ad is very important. It is better to be around the content and above the fold (best option).
    - If you can target more traffic from countries like US and UK your CPC will be higher.
    - Ads being shown should be relevant to your content.
    - Do not resort to inorganic traffic like PTC or traffic exchanges. It will not be counted and may even result in a permanent ban.
    - While designing the site, keep Adsense heatmap in mind.

    The above list is not exhaustive, would appreciate your contribution to make this complete.
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    Positioning of the ad is really important for any publisher, but it also depends upon the quality of theme. For high CPC one need to use high paying keywords.
    In these days the ads shows wrong and very arrogant ads, style font size too.
    I tried in the past to place the ads here and there, but nothing happen.

    It's tough to place ads as people like to remove low paying ads, but in the earlier days we seen great paying ads.

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