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    I have been in blogging task for 4 years already for I had started in 2011. I found a hard time in making my blog sites to get a good ranking in the Internet for I don't have any knowledge this so-called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique or method.

    Thru my own initiative, I had to submit them to free sites submission to be ranked in the world wide web. They got inch by inch for several years to be indexed and ranked respectively. I had a lot of efforts to muster and fortunately one of my blogs with lifestyle niche got a good rank.

    That was the history of it.

    Nowadays, there is SEO automation. Have heard of this one? It is free SEO automation. You have read it right. It is a free plan to optimize your blog to a search engine.

    It is automatic compared before that I have to do it every now and then and even 24/7 to be sure.

    Any blogger or site owner could try this to submit his site for free ranking. There is no credit card required. Just simply add your site URL and coonect Google Analytics and the rest of SEO routine work.

    I repeat everything is done for you after you have signed up for WEB CEO.
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