Ineffective Google Search Engine

Discussion in 'Google SEO' started by Nocturnal Writer, January 19, 2016.

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    Google as a major search engine in the world wide web is losing its usability according to the recent news. It is about 67% Internet users are no longer using Google for their search activity.

    The trend now in searching is mobile phone apps. Smartphone users have realized the unique functionalities of phones and tablets that offer new ways to navigate the Internet for their info needs.

    Another reason is the complexities of searchable pieces of information in the Internet. Researchers in all walks of life may want the results of their search would be personalized which apps are capable of providing it.

    And another one there are websites that could provide better or exact kind of information the people are looking.

    Are you one of those who rely from Google search engine for your answer of your queries? Now you know which means are you going to use for that.

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