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    I have been using GooglePlus and my blogs have a good views. The particular GooglePlus has an excellent contribution to the frequency and volume of my traffic for my several blogs. I couldn't believe my eyes that I have more than 3 Million views as you can see it below from the screenshot.

    This implies that all over the world have the time to browse, read, and scrutinize what has been uploaded or updated in my GooglePlus page.

    GooglePlus could help you connect people, make people follow you and your blog's updates. GooglePlus could provide you community to join and your blogs could a good or even better view and visits.

    However, the point of putting up personal Google Account is your integrity, credibility as a writer, blogger, marketer, and the like.

    If you're a serious writer, blogger, creating a personal GooglePlus account is a must and you should be a good writer who knows the basic of a quality writing for that matter.

    It's time to decide now. Come and join with us in Google+.
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