Bing & Google Marketing Tool: Which Is Which?

Discussion in 'Bing SEO' started by Nocturnal Writer, January 26, 2016.

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    I have known a little about Bing and Yahoo! Search Engine ads, I try to search it for the reason of getting a gist on how effective it is as far as product, services, and other related marketable items be promoted in the Internet.

    As I was doing that task, I also came across with Google AdSense which is another ads program could be used by online business ventures. Bing Ads and Google AdSense are two online ads to be considered when marketing business is taken into consideration.

    Accordingly, Bing ads is a marketing service used by Bing and Yahoo! search engine to generate revenue through pay per click advertising. While Google online marketing tool is Adsense which could generate revenue on per-click impression.

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