12 Simple Steps for an Effective Social Media Strategy

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    Find list of 12 Simple Steps for an Effective Social Media Strategy

    1) Define Target Audience - Age, Gender, Location, Income and Education. Use Alexa and Google Adwords for Research.

    2) Reasearch Buyer Persona - Use MakeMyPersona dot com for Persona Creation.

    3) Research Influencers - Use BuzzSumo for Research.

    4) Indentify Social Media Platforms use by Buyer Persona - Use BuzzSumo and Ahrefs for Research.

    5) Look at Competitor's Preferred Social Platforms - Use BuzzSumo and Ahrefs for Research.

    6) Produce Content that addresses Buyer Persona Pain Points - Use Quora and Forums for Research.

    7) Create a Content Bank - Blog Posts, Videos, Pictures, Infographics and Quick Tips.

    8) Engage and Build Relationships.

    9) Maintain a Consistent Content Publishing Cycle.

    10) Invest on Getting More Social Followers; Share Expert's Content.

    11) Automate Social Sharing with Tools Like Buffer and Hootsuite.

    12) Evaluate Your Results and Improve Your Strategy.
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    Mentioned tips are really useful for every web user. These will help to evaluate results and make improvements in business strategies.

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