Many top Youtubers are now relying on Patreon because of the new rules

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Neil_Fisher, June 7, 2017.

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    Many popular YouTube channels can't make money anymore because adult humor and cursing is being demonetized. Many channels that became a victim had been around since the beginning. One of my favorite channels relies of Patreon and PayPal donations to make money because they can't get sponsors anymore. For sure they can sanitize their content and stop cursing but self censoring is not their style.

    I love to curse on my blogs because it makes me feel free but now I tone down my self because I want to get sponsorship just in case I go viral.

    I find it ridiculous that Youtube is so strict with the videos but they don't filter the racist comments of many videos. It is sad because adult targeted videos are being punished when they are part of the revolution of Youtube.

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