Yahoo, directory type search service to end, in March 2018

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    Notice of termination of "Yahoo! Category" "Yahoo! Business Express" service

    Thank you for always using the Yahoo! category.
    The Yahoo! category was decided to terminate the service on March 29, 2018. We are very sorry that everyone who patronized us for a long time since our foundation in 1996 will be inconvenienced.

    Japan Yahoo Directory is a service generally called "directory type search", a staff called "surfer" collects site information by hand and classifies it into categories such as "entertainment" "media and news" and registers it It is.

    Originally when the Internet began to spread, it existed as a convenient service, but due to the explosive increase in the number of sites and popularization of SNS, the web environment changed a lot. Particularly, increasing the number of sites has made it difficult for people to collect and register information, and encouraged a transition to program processing. For this reason, "robot type search" such as Yahoo! search and Google search has become mainstream.

    Given these trends in the world, we thought that "directory type search" also ended a certain role and decided to terminate the service. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused to you, but in the future, we would like to use Yahoo! Search.

    Also, upon closure of this time, Yahoo! Business Express (※) which is the judging service will also be discontinued on July 31, 2017.
    ※ Yahoo! Business Express is provided by GMO Solution Partner Co., Ltd. (GMO Insight Co., Ltd. until June 30, 2017) as an agency

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