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    First, we can bifurcate SEO into two On-Page and Off-Page.

    Even though On page SEO has a lot to do with Boolean search (Keyword search), as Google is advancing it's giving more importance to Semantic search.

    On-Page SEO depends on lots of factors like, (Always make sure that you won't fall into the pitfall of keyword stuffing)

    Keyword in URL
    Keyword in h1-h3 title
    Keyword in body text 1–2% of the overall body test. (Important to limit the keyword usage to 1–2%)
    Meta description with keyword
    Image alt-tags
    Content structure
    Use synonyms of Keyword
    The first paragraph of the article should have the keyword
    Image optimization (Image size should be optimized to less than 40 kb)
    Off-Page Optimization

    Relevant and high-quality back links
    Likes and shares across social media.
    Higher customer engagement through comments.
    Public listings and mentions about your website.
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