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    It has been many people's dream to have Africa without borders where people can move freely around the continent. This would mean that Africa as a whole would have a single currency, military force and passport. Well, somehow this would promote peace and progress on the continent .

    This concept was mentioned first by a Jamaican founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, Marcus Garvey. The former Libyan president, Muammar Gaddafi advanced this concept of a single Africa. Gaddafi insisted that only as a united state would Africa improve its stability and wealth status. He went ahead and proposed Africa to have a single currency, passport and military force. A number of the African union members were for this idea of a federation believing that it could play a major role in peace promotion.

    However, this proposed federation was criticized by a number of head of states of some governments. A very good example is president Jacob Zuma of South Africa. After the death of Gaddafi he expressed his relief suggesting that Gaddaffi had malicious intentions of gaining influence throughout the continent. Just like president Jacob, many are yet to be convinced that this proposal could bring any good with it.

    Some countries in Africa are skeptical about the United States of Africa proposal. They don't feel ready to deal with the down sides that would come along with opening up their borders which were artificially made by the colonialists. These doubts are mainly as a result of the ongoing conflicts and poverty. The fact that Africa has the leading criminal rate also made people feel that the free movement from one African country to another would increase crime and other vices around the continent.

    This is still a puzzle to many and the question remains,will the United States of Africa dream ever come to reality?

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