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Discussion in 'Google SEO' started by overcast, August 2, 2017.

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    When it comes to SEO, you'd have to compete with a lot of people. And this means you have to work on the strategy like backlinks and on page SEO. Often this means you are less likely to get ranking in earlier few attempts. My point is can we bypass this process by using the Adwords instead? As you know the Google adwords ads are going to rank above the search results. In some cases those first five results in the Google are going to be paid search results. Though it's hard to say about it if you are using adblocker where those ads are masked.

    So this could be one option to get better placement than regular SEO. I am trying to find out how to do this without having to burn much budget. I'd appreciate if you have any specific pointers on this. I mean what you can do in such case to get the most out of Google adwords? Also one more point on this is does specific text link ad or the image ad works better in order to rank better in the search. I have found that most of the people recommend text links these days as it has more conversion.

    What's your experience with the Google adwords for SEO?

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