Ways To Better The Healthcare Sector in Nigeria.

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    One major need of man is access to efficient and affordable healthcare services. This is because even if we fail to admit it, there is the need for adequate medical checkups, and if any ailment is diagnosed, it is necessary that a country provide healthcare facilities that can treat such health conditions. For this main reason, there is the need for Nigeria, as one largest economy in Africa to have a good healthcare delivery.

    The Federal Government of Nigeria should embark on the building of more specialist hospitals, primary health care centres and teaching hospitals. This is to enable the citizens to have access to healthcare services that will assist in solving their various health challenges.

    The state governments should concentrate on building more general hospitals, maternity centres and also specialist hospitals. It is a known fact that we have many towns in Nigeria where there are no available state or federal health institutions. The consequences may be very devastating. Private clinics and hospitals available in these areas may exploit the inhabitants by charging unaffordable and exorbitant prices.

    Both state and federal governments should grant incentives to their medical personnel. Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists and other paramedical staff should be placed on a salary different from the normal civil service salary structure. This is to serve as a morale booster and creating incentives for the medical staff.

    Also, there is the need for packages for retraining of doctors, nurses and other health personnel on the ever evolving changes in the global health sector, and how to use the latest health facilities in doing their jobs effectively. By so doing, the patients can be able to get the same health services others travel outside the country to get. This increases the confidence in the health sector of Nigeria.

    Other ways such as ensuring that these health facilities are being maintained and serviced will go along way in making Nigeria not only an economic powerhouse in Africa but as well a Nation that other regions of Africa can depend on in getting better health care delivery.

    This is the time to make Africa grow and be active in core sectors that affect man. Together, we can make Nigeria and Africa better. Life is important to mankind, let's protect it
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