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Discussion in 'Bing SEO' started by overcast, August 5, 2017.

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    I have found that most of the Bing search results some of the time are nothing but a copy of google. I have not found if any page of mine is ranking good on Bing. I wonder what it takes to rank good on Bing. Considering that backlinks is not something that they are counting.

    Also the amount of links going out is also ignored. I read the documentation of the Bing SEO and found that they are only focused on quality content. They may also want you to use the Bing webmaster tools. And this may add up few benefits. But so far I don't seem to see any specific benefit. You can see that for bing this may not be anything easy for sure.

    What you can do in such case to get the traffic from Bing? What are some of the options for the Bing search that we can for for higher ranking? Do you have any experience with the Bing search SEO?

    Please do share your views on how rank better with the Bing.

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