These basic Emulators Can Make Your Computer Work Like Android.

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    The world of technology is fast developing, gone are the days you only depend on call credits to have voice calls with friends and families because now we can do video calls, voice calls and chats with friends just by having data and connected on the internet. Android devices came with it so many applications to make life easier for mobile phones users.

    Such applications can enable one watch videos online like the youtube app, other applications such as games applications for game lovers are loaded on many Android devices. But if you don't have an android device or depend solely on your computer for many internet activities, the good news is that you can run Android apps on your computer with the help of various Android emulators. below is the list of most popular android emulators you can download online using your computer and still enjoy all the apps that Android users enjoy such as WhatsApp, games apps and lots more. These android emulators can run on PC (Windows 7/8/10) and the good thing about these ones I will be sharing is that they can run smoothly on your PC without slowing down the computer.

    1) Nox App player: Nox App Player is the preferred Android emulator I use to play Android games on PC(windows 7). I settled for Nox app player because of the speed and how fast it loads Android applications. also, it does not hang apps while running and has an easy user interface. Plus, it even has an inbuilt GPS controller setting, by which you can even play GPS required games such as Pokemon. simply use the search button on your internet browser to download this android emulator and enjoy

    2) BlueStacks: This android emulator is very smooth and easy to use and it is the most widely used Android App Player for Windows, but when I used it on my computer that uses Windows 7, I noticed that it can't install all the apps I needed. So, that was the reason I settled for Nox App Player, aside from that, it is a very good and reliable Android emulator around. To get, simply type in Bluestacks Android emulator on your browser search box and you will have options to choose the one that fits the operating system of your PC.

    These are the two android emulators that I have used. Do you have any you can share with us? let's discuss.

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